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Multiplying The Good On The Road To 200 Years!

Neir’s Tavern Ambassadors Club 

A Private Community For NYC's Oldest Tavern Fueling The Road To The 200th Year!

Redefining Customer Support!

"Community Conquers All"

How NYC's Oldest Tavern Was Saved In 24 Hours!

I NEVER wanted to be a restaurant owner but when I discovered my neighborhood was losing it's nearly 200 year old tavern  I jumped in and volunteered to help. 

The Only Hand Raised? 

Have You EVER raised your hand to volunteer but you look around to discover you have the only hand up?

I felt scared and a sense of "put up or shut up, Loy". I learned If I cared so much then I need to move from volunteering to actually own this business. 

Here's the problem!  I had no experience. YIKES

But WHY Didn't I Just Give Up?

You see I moved from the island of Jamaica to Queens, NY and the American dream was truly JUST A DREAM with extremely humble beginnings in America. AKA dirt poor. lol

At 10 Years old I was placed In the 4th grade,  the entire school staff banded together when someone discovered this Jamaican kid couldn't read or even recite the alphabet

After two years of the staff trying to make sure I  "catch up", I remember the students walking across the stage graduating while i sat there.

"Then I heard. Loycent Gordon. "

The janitor peaked through the door because the entire auditorium audience rose up in a deafening applause in pride like I was their own child.

They were applauding because I was walking across the stage top of my class to graduate. OMG! I made it!!

Years later Looking back that's when it hit me. This is the power of community.

This is why my slogan is "Community Conquers All"! 

"...That's why when I Discovered One of America's Oldest Taverns Was Days From Closing I Jumped In To Help Save It As A Way To Give Back to a Country That Helped Me..."

You know, i read a social entrepreneur is a person who takes on a problem that's not their own to solve it for themselves and society.

This problem of local business disappearing is a huge issue because they are integral part of what makes a neighborhood a true community, that has character and each neighborhood unique. 

I believe when we lose them we lose the soul of that neighborhood

That's why I was proud when thousands came out on January 10th 2020 and the news went national that Neir's Tavern was closing because things changed that day. 

Unfortunately I had to let everyone know Neir's Tavern's rent was tripled, I ran out of money trying to suffer paying it alone to keep the tavern open and had to close. 

"The News Heard Around the Country"

24 Hours later after announcing the sad news, we had nearly every local tv and media company broadcasting LIVE from Neir's Tavern. 

Thousands came out, NYC Mayor, elected officials and then we received a handshake deal to keep Neir's open. This day I forever call "The Day Neir's Tavern Was Saved".

This was a true "Community Conquers All" moment. I'm no longer trying to save this historic establishment by myself. It was now a community driven effort. 


Fall 2020 the mayor of nyc and a huge showing of elected officials, news agencies and customer supporters joined me to officially sign a new lease.

This lease essentially gave us the right to occupy the space for another 10 years that would bring Neir's Tavern to it's 200th anniversary in 2029.

But i started thinking "then what?" 

Hope for another lease? One of America's oldest and historic local institutions  shouldn't have to jump from lease to lease like we're tarzan hoping to catch the next lease.

This is more than a bar at this point. It's a cultural and living breathing piece of American History. But what else can i do that fits me and not try to be some business tycoon. 

hint: i'm not a business tycoon. Just a community guy with a passion learning to now balance my time and energy trying to make an impact. 

Here's a  check for "$2,500"-Introducing Neir's Ambassadors With A Personal Cause"

I remember someone walked up to me after Neir's Tavern was saved and gave me a $2,500 check and then someone else gave me $3,000 check then I received a $1,000 check. 

I said "I can't take this". I remember one guy said to me 

"Loy, in order to be a good giver you have to learn to be a good receiver"

But still how can i show my appreciation? free food and drinks? They all said "NOOO! I just want Neir's To be preserved"

That's when i said I'll call you a Neir's Ambassador. "They said sure. That sounds cool"

That's when i created "Neir's Tavern Ambassadors Club" for those who want to move from a casual consumer to support a local business that aligns with their values become a recognized Ambassador for it and through Neir's Tavern represent a another personal cause they also care about. 

Like Cecilia being a Neir's Ambassador for the "Food Insecure" cause,  or Neir's Ambassador Shawn Slevin for swim safety or like Nancy being a Neirs Ambassador for ovarian cancer awareness. 

Members Not Seeking Coupons But Contribution To A Worthy Cause

Although i have a PUBLIC traditional "Customer Loyalty Program" for ANY to enjoy free food and deals (I encourage everyone to sign use), Neir's Ambassadors Club is about but contribution not coupons. 

We're not seeking to fill your bellies with more food and more drinks but fill your soul as well. 

Neir's Tavern Ambassadors Club cements your legacy with the preservation of NYC's oldest tavern and we help provide feedback, advice and promotional support to our over 20k total email and social media following to amplify your personal cause outside of Neir's Tavern and become a Recognized Neir's Ambassador for YOUR PERSONAL CAUSE"

Inside the private chat, I share the business and community strategies that works or that failed to amplify Neir's Tavern and it's preservation.

Members are free to USE ANY THING I SHARE to help your organization OR a social cause you care about.

Neir's Tavern Ambassadors are trusted advisors shaping the future of NYC's oldest community tavern on it's road to 200 years. 

Become an Ambassador for 1 year or continue annually until we reach the 200th Year!

Cancel anytime and rejoin anytime. There's a simple button and you don't have to email or tell anyone. This is a safe space to belong when you're ready or go deal with other emerging obligations when you're not ready yet. 

Thank you American Express Our FIRST NEIR'S TAVERN CORPORATE AMBASSADOR with a $40,000 Gift to support the Road To 200 Journey


Although Members shy from receiving Thank you offers I Had to create a way to show appreciation when they become Neir's Ambassadors" 

Neir's Ambassadors Appreciation Perks:

 Oh btw, they're pretty special:

  • 🍽️ VIP Access to Neir's Ambassadors Table & Dining Perks!

  • 🎖️ Anniversary Legacy Pin - Wear your commitment with pride. (One for every year you're a Neir's Ambassador. )

  • 🎨 Named on the 16 Foot "Road To 200" Mural & In The Annual Anniversary Journal- Your name etched in history.

  • 🎁 Curated Surprise Gift Item from a Historic Local Business In America - A thoughtful surprise, shipped to your doorstep.(Platinum Level)

    • 💬 Access to The Ambassadors Only Chat & “Owner’s Road To 200 Updates” - Stay connected and informed what's truly happening with Neir's Tavern and connect with other ambassadors sharing their success and challenges. 

PLUS more surprise Ambassador only perks for your support of NYC's Oldest Community Tavern's Road To 200 Journey!

🎉 How to Apply and Secure Your 195th Year Ambassadorship:

Apply now for the 195th Year Neir's Tavern Ambassadorship, and if chosen, you'll have the opportunity to renew this extraordinary journey each year, all the way to our 200th anniversary or simply cancel by a click of a button and return when you're ready. 

Let’s build a stronger, more intentional, and more vibrant community together. Secure your spot, make history with Neir's, and be remembered as a vital part of our legacy that kept Neir's Tavern open while you amplify your personal cause together with Neir's Tavern.

P.S. Your "SEAT" at the Ambassador’s table awaits – apply now and embark on this extraordinary journey with us! 🚀

If you're not quite ready for the Ambassador journey, 

no worries! You can visit us regularly as a casual customer or support through these other ways! 

Let's come together to support Neir's Tavern, a living legacy. Apply to become a Neir's Ambassador and make your mark on the Road To 200!
Neir's Ambassadors are demonstrating what it means to become champions for something important to each of them while incorporating their legacy story in the Neir's Tavern Road To 200 Journey.

You're journey can start here!

Exclusive Perks for You On The 195th Year:

  • 🍽️ VIP Access to Neir's Ambassadors Table & Secret Menu 

  • 🎖️ Annual Aged Bronze Pin - Wear your commitment with pride.

  • 📖 Named on the 16th Foot "Road To 200" Mural And Anniversary Journal- Leave your mark on the iconic journey.

  • 🎁 Curated Item from a Local Business - A thoughtful surprise, shipped to your doorstep. (PLATINUM LEVEL)

  • 💬 Access to Ambassador Chat & “Owner’s Road To 200 Updates” - Stay connected and informed.

  • Promote Your Cause To Neir’s Tavern Audience  (Over 20k total following)