The Neir's Ambassadors Club

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Join Us To Make A Difference By Co-Creating Inspiring Community Building Events

The Neir's Ambassadors Club (N.A.C)

is made up of Neir's Tavern's most community-driven supporters that are ready to inspire change through launching or being a part of our impactful community building events.

The Customer Community Appearing in 2021 Tribeca Film Festival


Whether you live in New York or New Zealand, You can help other members co-create or launch your own virtual or in person successful event for something you're passionate about!

Fly In For In person hang out or Join Us For A Virtual Meetup

We help you to get the word out by broadcasting your community building event through Neir's Tavern brand pages, email list, interested media or other interested partners so you can be part of or have your own successful and impactful community event!

My Story Helping Save NYC's Oldest Bar!

The Neir's Ambassadors Club was created by Loycent Gordon who jumped in 3 days before one of America's oldest community taverns was set to close as a way to give back as an immigrant to a country that afforded him a great opportunity in life.

The News Heard Across The Country

What went from a local murmur when the high rent of Historic Neir's Tavern was then suddenly tripled in 2020, suddenly switched into a national outcry heard and seen across the country for one of NYC's oldest and most historic local taverns to remain open!

What's This All For? 

Now we're building a premium club of Neir's Tavern community-driven supporters also jumping in.

The Neir's Ambassadors Club (N.A.C) provides ongoing mutual support by Loycent and other members with part of our annual dues goes right back to help the local community.

The Neir's Ambassadors Club is bringing fun, education and sharing actionable insights to attendees during virtual or in person events that bring awareness, connection and a build a sense of community again!

Being a part of The Neir's Ambassadors Club helps amplify Loycent’s message that anyone can do something good!  Go Help someone!

Supported by the Neir's Ambassadors Club, Shawn Slevin was assisted with putting together a Water Safety Awareness Panel before summer started to help prevent drowning. 

A near drowning victim herself she invited Richard Kauffman who lost his 3 year old to a tragic drowning accident and share actionable insights to the public to prevent drowning.


From Food or Beer Tasting community events to Autism Acceptance, Mental Health or Swim Safety Panels that aims to decrease summer drownings.

We're having fun building connections and inspiring change through impactful community building events.

Even if it's just taking a bold action such as being part of the movement here to revive & preserve NYC's oldest community bar like Historic Neir's Tavern.

You're journey can start here!


Join Us In The Neir's Ambassadors Club!
You can start TODAY by simply being a member with others who are also on the same journey.

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  • Access Virtual Workshops 

    • avoid tech overwhelm, how to deal with media if approached and even staying out of fundraising trouble
    • How To brainstorm ideas & Launch your first Event, even if you're not ready for the spotlight (plus know the signs of high or low attendance & why it doesn't matter)
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*Please note a portion of Neir's Ambassador Club dues also goes to local causes to support the community in which we reside

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